Has the technical support necessary for the performance if its activity.

The company office is in Gura Humorului locality, Suceava County, in a modern offices building, built entirely with self-financing. Also, in the immediate proximity, the company has accommodation spaces for its own personnel. In the same area, the company has purchased a hall with afferent terrain of 5,000 m2. During 2014, the company purchased a complete operational Asphalt station, completely equipped, in support of this activity segment. The production base of the company is in Capu Campului, Suceava County and is deemed the central deposit of the company, also, the Concrete plant with own laboratory but also the sorting plant are situated here, both howlding all the necessary

The company also owns a production base in Malini locality, where the authorized exploitation activity for quarry products takes place. The company is endowed with a complete technological line for quarry products exploitation commencement. Currently, the company is performing a self-financed investment at Arinis Guest house, investment
performed in Voronet – Arinis touristic interest area, area that also has a high touristic potential, as consequence of the proximity to a ski track.

The company has a car fleet consisting in vehicles for own personnel use, given the fact that the company’s activity is extended on the whole territory of the country, but also personnel transport cars, materials transport cars and a full range of constructions machines.


DAF Truck 8×4 20 to 15 pcs
MERCEDES Concrete Mixer 9 mc 3 pcs
MERCEDES Trailer 39 to 1 pcs
VW Minibus with 19 seats 2 pcs
VW Minibus with 16 seats 2 pcs
MERCEDES Minibus with 8 seats 1 pcs
VW Pick-up 2,5 to 1 pcs
VW Caddy 2 pcs
Dacia Logan 5 pcs
VW Bora 1 pcs
VW Polo 1 pcs
VW Golf 1 pcs


Komatsu Multifunctional Escavator 3 pcs / Komatsu Front Loader WA 250 PZ-5 2 pcs
Komatsu Front Loader WA 320 1 pcs / LIEBHERR 522 Front Loader 1 pcs
HAMOMAG Front Loader 4,0 mc 1 pcs / KOMATSU Mini Multifunctional Loader 4 pcs
Escavator – LIEBHERR R924 3 pcs / Escavator- KOMATSU P180 3 pcs
Bulldozer- LIEBHERR 2 pcs / Tandem roller – Dynapac 3 pcs
Compactor – VIBROMAX 3 pcs / Concrete and asphalt cutting machine 2 pcs
Multifuntion fork lift MERLo ROTO 3 1 pcs / Compactor – INDECO IHC 130 3 pcs
Compactar- CPB 9 HB 4 HP 4 pcs / Moto compressor 3 pcs
Demolition hammer 423/201 4 pcs / Generator 30 kva 4 pcs
Brecking station – POWERSCREEN 1 pcs / Sorting station – POWERSCREEN 1 pcs
Asphalt station 1 pcs / Concrete staition 1 pcs
Facade scaffolding S 162 383 3 pcs / Facade scaffoldingS 162 390 2 pcs (2500 sqm)
PERI formworks 5 sets (3000 sqm)

S.R.L. BY MEANSOFTECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT”, SMIS code 48282, co-financed by the European Regional Development fund, based on the financing contract concluded with the Ministry of Economy, Management activity for the Sectoral.

Operational Programme “Increasing the economic competitiveness”. The intermediate body for the Sectoral Operational Programme is North-East.
Regional Development Agency. Total project value is of 1,980,520.91 lei, from which the nonreimbursable financial assistance is of 958.316.54 lei.

The general objective and the specific objectives have been performed during the project
implementation 12 months period. Reaching the general objective has contributed to increasing the economic role of Gura Humorului locality, by development of the micro-enterprises.
The project had as purpose increasing the competitiveness of the constructions activities
performed by SC CONCRET CONSTRUCT AG SRL, by modernizing and increasing the efficiency, in the spirit of a sustainable and eco-efficient development. The number of employees has increased, as consequence of project implementation, a number of 8 new jobs being created.

By means of project implementation, the observance of the principles
regarding the equal opportunities and nondiscrimination, sustainable development and energetic efficiency was considered. Specialized machines were purchased by
means of the project, namely buldo-excavator, miniexcavators, teletruck, hydraulic power group, concrete pump, compactor, reversible compactor plate, compactor, machines that shall improve the existing material fund and that shall assure construction works performance flow improvement and implicitly improvement of the performed constructions works quality.

The direct beneficiaries of the project are S.C. CONCRET CONSTRUCT AG S.R.L. by improving the material fund and implicitly by increasing the turnover, the 8 new employees who shall work at SC CONCRET CONSTRUCT AG SRL, as consequence of project implementation, the customers of S.C. CONCRET CONSTRUCT AG S.R.L. who shall purchase high quality works.

A successful completion of the project after 12 months of implementation means an offer of high quality works on the profile market.